Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review of Red State (2011)

This film was pretty intense and horrific, not what I expected when I decided to watch it on Netflix, but nonetheless scared the hell out of me. The film Red State was made in 2011 and directed by Kevin Smith. If you don't know who that is you might be reminded by the movie clerks, he also directed that film and started as "Silent Bob". I would have to say that Red State is one of Smiths better pieces of work.

The film starts out with three teenage boys who decide to pursue sex session with an older woman that they found a Craigslist ad. We all knew this was a bad idea from the start of the film... I mean haven't these kids heard of the Craigslist killer? Anyways, the teens go to the woman's house and it seems to the boys that everything is falling right into place, until the woman drugs the boys drinks.

When the boys wake up they try to come to terms with the fact that they have been kidnapped and are now being held hostage in a church called 5 points. There have been rumors circulating in the town that this Christian cult like church has been the prime suspects in the recent disappearance of a fellow teen boy in the community for being gay.

The rumors are true and the boys try to escape after seeing the death and torture of someone in the church, but the pastor will make damn sure that they do not escape their fate for their escapades on craigslist. The pastor is an extremist homophobic who will not rest to he believes justice to be served.

This film was intense and suspenseful from beginning to end. The horror scenes were pretty graphic and not for those with a weak stomach. I found that the ending provided a great twist and I recommends this film for all great horror film enthusiasts!

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  1. After reading this review I just had to run and read a plot spoiler. This seems like a really good Friday night movie to watch with some friends. Good selection, I plan to watch this soon. I just hope it's not unnecessarily gory, that takes away from the film for me.