Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Poems of the Werewolf

I was taking a gander at a few other horror blogs in my community and I came across a post similar to one of my previous ones. I found the post at unspeakablehorror.com, the post touched on the transformation of the werewolf in cinema as well as transformations in general and I found it to be a really good read. I liked seeing the authors viewpoint on werewolf transformations as I was able to compare them to my own perspective on the evolution of werewolves in cinema.

The author of the post and I had similar perspectives on the transformation of the werewolf. We could both agree that over time digital effects have enhanced the transformation of the werewolf, yet at the same time the digital effects take away from the original prosthetic werewolf transformations. I too enjoy the original werewolf transformations, I would agree with the author of the post in saying its a lost art unfortunately. 

In the post the author mentions his favorite werewolf transformation films such as The American Werewolf in London and Michael Jackson's transformation in the extended music video Thriller. He didn't mention that both the film and the music video was produced by John Landis, renowned filmmaker. I personally also enjoy John Landis' work as well. 

My favorite part of the post I read was the short poem that the author created about the transformations, I thought it was funny and clever. Here it is! Called "Transformations"

at last disgusted by the latest digital transformation
the werewolf goes to film school
fantastic prosthetics
bubbling latex
dripping maws
he carefully maps out the cycles of the moon
at the local insane asylum
he finds a sympathetic janitor
who locks him into a padded cell on full moons
he interns in the craft of prosthetic latex molds and
pioneers a new quality of werewolf
to rival Rick Baker
of course he knows the truth about werewolf transformations
the prickly joy of sprouting hair  
the tickling whisker mask
the gigantic erection
the cathartic release of howling
he wants to show the true sign of the werewolf
with none of that old shame
displayed by those pathetic Lon Chaney Jr. performances
you know he's the only real werewolf working in werewolf pictures
and he’s proud
he wants everyone to know that it's different
than what the old movies said


  1. Thanks for featuring the poem on your blog! I love that illustration--it took me a minute to get the joke--it's a "full moon." Love it!

    1. Thanks!I thought it was quite funny also and like I said before your post was awesome! It's so nice to read blog posts in your community on similar things. Hope to see more from you in the future.

  2. lmao wow it took me a min to get the picture, I was like whats going on O_o lol super funny pick btw, but yea the werewolf transformation has downgraded a bit, if you have ever seen any of the underworlds one scene i cant remember which one the lycans just ripped off their skin and throw it intense

    1. Yeah I have seen the underworld werewolf transformations. They use an intense amount of CGI to make it look realistic, but it looks really awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!